CCSU-AAUP Stands with the Chicago Teachers’ Union

Members of the CCSU-AAUP voted at its September 12 meeting to stand in solidarity with  their brothers and sisters in the Chicago Teachers’ Union.

You can find the resolution’s language below. Those interested in providing individual support can find some ideas here.

Whereas all students deserve the right to a quality public education,

Whereas education “reforms” that privatize schools, dismantle the tenure system, and tie teacher compensation to student performance on standardized tests hurt both teachers and students,

Whereas teachers perform their jobs best when they have fair compensation and protection from arbitrary dismissal,

Whereas the threats against teachers in Chicago are part of a national attack against teachers and unionized public employees,

 Be it resolved that the Central Connecticut State AAUP stands in solidarity with the Chicago Teachers’ Union and upholds the importance of a quality public education, with a broad and diverse curriculum, for all students.

Be it further resolved that the Central Connecticut State AAUP calls upon the state and national AAUP to support the formation of a national rank and file direct action movement of educators to defend public education, strong collective bargaining, and build solidarity in the fight for social and economic justice.

In addition to this resolution, the communication committee was charged with organizing an event about education reforms and their impact on teachers, students, education, and workers. If you are interested in helping the committee, you can contact Jason Snyder (snyderjal [at] ccsu [dot] edu).

Flickr image courtesy of  Zol87

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