Can We Expect A Flood Of New Faculty Hires?

Two recent stories might lead one to believe that CCSU will see a sharp increase in the number of full-time faculty hires.

First, this Connecticut Mirror story reported on the elimination of 24 highly-paid positions from the CSU and community college systems. According to Mike Meotti, Executive Vice President for the Regents, the cuts are expected to save about $5 million, and the story reported that:

“Meotti said the savings will be used to hire more faculty for the next school year. He said that since many of these central office staff are paid “substantially more” than faculty typically receive, many more teachers will be hired than the number of administrators laid off.”

Second, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Board of Regents voted to approve a tuition increase that would see CCSU students’ tuition go up by 3.7 or 3.8 percent. The two student board members voted against the tuition hike. If we are to hope for any bright side to this story, the Board has promised that this money would be used to hire additional faculty. Again, the Mirror quoted Mr. Meotti:

“This recommended increase will allow our state colleges and universities to hire additional faculty and stay competitive among their peer schools, without overburdening their students.”

Although these two stories may lead one to conclude that CCSU will see a sharp increase in the number of full-time faculty hires, one must also be aware of this letter from Governor Malloy to Benjamin Barnes asking for “a budget management plan that uses my statutory recission authority to ensure a balanced budget.” According to this story from CT New Junkie, Ben Barnes has said:

“By early next week, I fully anticipate that the governor will exercise his rescissionary authority. Additionally, other efforts to achieve balance may be implemented to include delayed or cancelled hiring, reductions in discretionary spending, closure of some programs, and, if necessary, action will be requested of the legislature.”

For what kind of flood should we prepare?

Flickr photo courtesy of cod_gabriel

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